Let Me Tell You About Us

This isn't the official word but my own words on how the Blue Doggies got started. This one time thing started back in about October
1980, Columbus Day weekend when someone suggested, hey why don't you come down to the beach and fish in a surf fishing tournament”. You'll really enjoy yourselves ! Of course back then four wheel drive was not your average vehicle. Anyhow, I bought my first, a 1974 Jeep Cherokee. (Rust and all), grabbed my brother and met my friends down at the beach. We really enjoyed ourselves even if we had to stay 32 miles from where we fished. It was a ghost town. Who in their right mind would travel to a cold beach with frost on the windows, wind blowing and ice on the lines, WE WOULD! Remember that we really enjoyed ourselves .   Years went by and after about five we noticed that we started coming down with the same six people. It got to the point that where we where staying was a small house in Bethany Beach sleeping shoulder to shoulder, some on the floor with no room to relax. Remember we really enjoyed ourselves !   About the year 2000 someone actually got the Idea lets get a bigger place? So it was off to Fenwick Island to get a townhouse. Now we have seven people, 5 bedrooms each with a bed, and a place to call home for the long weekend. Of course staying in Fenwick Island is right by our favorite town, Ocean City . Oh, that's right, this is a fishing tournament, and by now it's no longer a ghost town but things are going on like car shows, boat races, Oktoberfest, and yes the fishing tournament. The roads are full and there is actually people here. The weekends have gotten warmer except for the last two, warm but rain. To date it's a three story house right on the beach (who needs four wheel drive) the bathrooms closer, but you still need to drive on the beach (that's what makes it official in our book). We do fish, most get down early Friday (which is always a nice day) Did I mention we are now up to twelve people, the others stay elsewhere but always meet us on the beach. The tournament starts Saturday and ends Sunday, We stay through Monday. So it's hop on the Bus Sunday (ride all night for two dollars) Watch Football, have a few choice beverages, some more football, baseball playoffs, a few more beverages listen to some music and back to Fenwick Island for the night. Fish Monday in the Inlet and head home. Of course by now you have to be wondering about how we do in the tournament. Well, yea, we have won prizes, Rods, Reels, Flashlight, Rod Holder, Large tackle boxes and who can forget the free spools of line. Our wives and girlfriends are to the point where I don't think they think we even catch fish. It might not sound like fun to some but to keep this friendship together over the twenty plus years takes a special group. I think we live for that special weekend in October when once again we as friends get together not just to fish but relax, tell stories and remember each year that, HEY, WE REALLY ENJOYED OURSELVES!